Flower Pavilion

The aim of the project is to illustrate the theme of the Garden by addressing public interest in terms of image and communication. The original idea is to give the pavilions a clear shape that would be simple and universal. We chose a flower because its shape is easily recognizable. Thus the pavilions are materialized as giant flowers and act as a mnemonic reminder for the public to associate the event with something familiar and welcoming.

The form of the pavilions is designed to meet the characteristics of flexibility and combination, as required by the program. The device is inspired by the composition of a flower. Thus the basic module is a petal which can be combined to other petals and form a whole flower pavilion. Full of transparency and reflection, the Pavilions are penetrated by the environment and sheltered by the floral lightness of the inflatable. Since the programs can operate independently or combined, the Pavilions can be scattered in all the park where takes place the IGA exhibition. They allow to showcase the surrounding Nature and appear as architectural punctuations along the visitors’ path.

Location: Berlin, Germany
Clients: IGA Berlin 2017 GmbH
Year: 2014 – on going
Program: Pavilions for IGA exhibition 2017
Architects: AZC, Grégoire Zündel, Irina Cristea
Video: Joanot Cortès Fang Agency
Consultants: TP Arquitectura tècnica i construcció tèxtil
Competition – Bogdan Chipara, Gaëlle Martin, Roland Oberhofer

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